Wells, Beth (1B)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher PictureHello,
my name is Beth Wells. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy teaching elementary aged students for the past 28 years. I currently teach first graders.

I was born and raised in Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire. I moved to Texas and began my teaching career in Killeen where I met my husband, Ron. Together we moved to El Paso and then to Germany before finally settling back here at Dr. Green. During that time I have taught students in second grade, first grade, and special education settings.

My philosophy of education has been to help students create an environment of respect for themselves and others as they challenge themselves to learn all they can. Having lived and taught in different communities, I have enjoyed learning right along with my students. Children bring a wonderful perspective to our lives and we are challenged to reciprocate that excitement. 

I welcome your involvement and hope you will contact me with any questions or concerns. My conference period is daily from 9:45-10:30.