Long, Gladys
Mrs. Long                        

Meet The Teacher

Welcome to Mrs. Long's 4th/5th grade Connections class. I have been at Dr. Green going on 20 years. I have taught the gifted talented students from 1st  grade through 5th grade at different times in my teaching career. I now teach 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Connections. I've also taught 1st and 2nd grades in the regular classroom.


I moved to El Paso in 1987 and attended UTEP in 1992.  I was inducted into the National College Honor Scholarship Society of Alpha Chi. I was granted numerous scholarships that paid for the last two years of my college. I was one of the top ten graduating seniors from UTEP and was honored with an invitation for lunch by the University President, Diana Natalicio. My son and I attended UTEP at the same time. I was in my last year and he was in his first year. We both are graduates of UTEP. He earned his degree in Criminal Justice. I earned mine in Education. I started my teaching career in  EPISD in 1996 at Dr. Green and I am so fortunate to be here to this day.

I am married to Andrew (Andy) who is a math teacher at Franklin High School. He is currently teaching Geometry and Pre-Calculus. He is also the Head Coach for the "High Q" and "Acadec" teams.

My son is married and together he and his wife have two children, Brian and Allessandra. My son is the Assistant Director of ICE in Washington D.C. and my daughter-in-law works for Homeland Security as well. My grandson is 16 and attending high school. My grandaughter is 24 and has a degree from the University of Florida.  Allessandra recently married and her husband, Michal, is a lawyer for Immigration Services and also has his pilot's license.

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